Quality Improvement at the Family Health Center

Family Care Specialists-Family Health Center (FCS-FHC) is dedicated to continually improving its patient quality of care. Our clinic site participates in the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) accreditation. This nationwide initiative is a rigorous accreditation that looks at over 170 areas of clinic operations.

PCMH has a strong focus on “Population Health Management.” What does this mean? By using statistics generated from our Electronic Medical Record system and other methods, we are able to monitor the healthcare of ALL of our patients as a group and make adjustments to our overall clinic processes as necessary to provide the best care possible.

What do we measure?

FCS has monthly Quality Improvement (QI) meetings with staff and we monitor a wide range of health issues. Industry best practices guide our QI projects.

In particular, for many health issues, FCS-FHC is striving to achieve “Health People 2020” goals. These are various goals that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put out for all clinics in the country to achieve by the year 2020.

Below is a sample of some of the measures and goals that we are looking at:

2014 Statistics

Measure Definition 2014 Family Health Center Average Healthy People 2020 Goal
(or other relevant goal)
How will we address/improve?

Flu Vaccination

% of patients over age 65 at clinic who have received a flu vaccination



Make patient outreach calls/letters who haven’t received their flu vaccination

Pneumococcal Vaccination

(Helps prevents pneumonia, ear infections etc)

% of patients over 65 at the clinic who have ever had the pneumococcal vaccination



Maintain processes

Colon Cancer Screening

% of adults 50-75 at clinic who have had appropriate screening for colon cancer



Additionally, National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable has a higher goal of 80%, which we’re proud to say we’re surpassing.

Maintain processes


Females age 40-69 who have received a mammogram in the past two years



Maintain process

Care Coordination:

Abnormal Mammogram Tracking

FCS-FHC provides coordination and phone call/letter reminders, ensuring that our patients with abnormal mammos are getting proper follow-up biopsies and specialty care.

An average of 92% of patients during the first half of 2015 had the proper follow up to an abnormal mammogram.


FCS-FHC aims for 100% of patients obtaining proper follow-up care

While it is usual for medical group practices to have some patients not get follow up imaging for various reasons, FCS-FHC aims for 100% of patients obtaining proper follow-up care.

New QI Intervention:

If patients are not responding to standard reminders, a patient appointment with FCS doctor is scheduled so they can talk about potential issues that are preventing follow up care (patient is worried about obtaining further test results etc).

Patient Survey Data

Overall satisfaction with provider

91% of surveyed patients at FCS-FHC

(July 2014-Dec 2014 data)


(Average from our survey vendors from all clinic organizations they work with)

FCS-FHC aims to increase patient satisfaction through continual phone patient surveys, quarterly QI projects, and other methods.

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