FCS Medical Director Hector Flores, M.D., on KPCC AirTalk

Governor Jerry Brown’s new budget estimate accounts for a significant rise in the portion of the population enrolled in Medi-Cal. By 2015, 30 percent of Californians will be enrolled, about 11.5 million people.

Governor Brown’s budget added $1.2 billion to account for the increase, giving a total $2.4 billion to Medi-Cal users. While some lawmakers are critical of the budget increase, within the medical community, there is only alarm that it’s not quite enough.

The California Medical Association has said that retaining 10 percent provider cuts will carry consequences for low-income patients.

How will Californians enrolled in Medi-Cal find doctors who take their insurance? Is the state prepared for the influx in new enrollees and new patients? How will doctors and nurses be compensated?


Chris Megerian, Sacramento reporter for the Los Angeles Times. He covers state politics and the budget.

Emily Bazar, Senior writer at the the Center for Health Reporting, covering stories about the federal healthcare overhaul, Medi-Cal budget cuts, and other healthcare related issues

Dr. Hector Flores, M.D., co-founded and currently serves as the Medical Director of the Family Care Specialists Medical Group in East Los Angeles

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